Bill Moore


By admin October 27, 2021

Bill entered teaching, having sworn as a pupil never to become a teacher, after doing voluntary work with young offenders. It was this that made him realise first what a difference education can make in the lives of young people and second that he was able to connect with them. As a new teacher he became very interested in and a keen practitioner of what was then know as ‘Active Tutorial Work’. From then on he actively promoted and taught PSHE in each school in which he worked, eventually leading the transformation of PSHE in a challenging school in Cumbria.

Bill was the RE and PSHE Adviser, and Healthy Schools lead for the Buckinghamshire School Improvement service, providing training and support to schools of all types and phases. He developed a reputation for engaging and thought-provoking CPD that focused on learning in the classroom and uses P4C, stilling and ‘Conceptual Creativity’ to good effect in his teaching and training. Bill sees education as relational and thus sees PSHE as central to learning. When asked why PSHE is important, he usually refers people to ‘The Survivor’s Plea’.

Having supported schools in his role as PSHE adviser, Bill became acutely aware of the challenges of co-ordinating and leading such a broad and amorphous curriculum area. This is why he sees the importance and value of Jigsaw PSHE in making the learning more meaningful for the pupils and the teaching more manageable for the teachers.


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