Lesley Hole


By client_admin November 15, 2022

Lesley has a BA hons degree in Education with Nursery specialism, a PG Diploma in special educational needs in the classroom and undertook action research with Cambridge University in Nurture Group work whilst leading an EYFS base.   In more recent years Lesley has worked as a local authority early years adviser and subsequently managed this team of early years experts.    Lesley has also worked as a leader of the EYFS profile moderation process (National Strategies), early years adviser to schools and as strategic lead for early years multi-agency partnerships, improving outcomes for the youngest children in the local area.

Lesley has extensive teaching experience in pre-school, nursery and reception and was one of Dorset’s first ‘Early Years Professional’ status practitioners; later becoming an assessor for this award with Winchester University.

Lesley has recently retired from her early years management role with the local council and is excited to be working in the early years field at Jan Lever Group.


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