Sarah Brough


By client_admin August 13, 2021

Sarah started her career as a primary school teacher in schools in London and Oxfordshire working across Key Stage 2 in schools with vastly different approaches to PSHE. She joined the PSHE advisory team in Oxfordshire, before moving to the PSHE team in Wiltshire. Her specialism within the teams was in Primary Drug Education, but as part of small and effective teams, Sarah also developed and delivered training and support across the whole of the PSHE curriculum and Healthy Schools, working with many schools to help them to establish PSHE in the heart of the school curriculum. She was also an assessor for the national Certification of PSHE programme and was able to support Wiltshire teachers to achieve this standard.

Whilst she was out of a full-time educational role with her own young children, Sarah ran a sling consultancy business and shop, liaising with local professionals and supporting many new parents, and won the 2018 South Wilts Business of the Year Sole Trader Award.

After her youngest started full-time school, Sarah went back into school to teach PSHE and support pupils across the whole of Key Stage 2. She rekindled her love and understanding of the subject and is delighted to be part of the Jigsaw team at such an exciting time for PSHE.
Sarah lives in south Wiltshire and spends most of her spare time chasing around after her children and her dog and enjoying listening to terrible pop music whilst blaming it on her girls.


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