Simon White


By client_admin November 1, 2022

Simon has recently taken early retirement from Primary Headship.  His career spanned over 30 years, in schools over 3 local authorities.  He spent 23 years as a Primary Head in 5 differing schools and is therefore very aware of the joys and stresses of the role.

He is a firm believer that great relationships are at the heart of every good school and that personal, moral and spiritual development of every member of the community should be at the heart of the curriculum.  Jigsaw was a totally natural fit for this philosophy in his schools.

Simon is passionate about the difference that coaching and mentoring can bring to those in leadership positions, enabling them to better support their staff and therefore the children in their care.  He is also a strong advocate of practical and pragmatic solutions to school leadership and to the planning of the curriculum.

These passions led him to volunteer his time when a Head to areas such as being a School Improvement Partner, Headteacher Mentor and sitting on and ultimately Charing his local Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education.

He lives in Frome in Somerset and enjoys travelling at home and abroad with his wife in their campervan.  Epic adventures are planned in retirement!


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