Teaching Programmes for Early Years (Ages 3-5)

Our fully‑resourced session‑a‑week programmes all include early years as the foundation for whole‑school inclusion and continuity. Designed for all pre‑school settings, they support your delivery of the National EYFS Framework, particularly for Personal, Social, Emotional Development (PSED) and Understanding the World (UW).

Creative child‑led and teacher‑initiated activities with careful progression nurture children, conserve planning time and lay the foundations for mindfulness and self‑regulation.

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Personal, Social, Emotional Development (PSED)

EYFS practitioners know that great PSED underpins children’s development and learning. Jigsaw nurtures children to be confident and happy, increasing their capacity to self-regulate, explore and learn.

Jigsaw PSED 3-5 provides opportunities for children to develop their emotional literacy and social skills and achieve the National EYFS Framework Early Learning Goals, particularly in PSED and Understanding the World.


Fully resourced weekly session plans for F1 and F2


Jigsaw Jenie and Jerrie Cat to aid learning and mindfulness


Mapped to the EYFS Framework and regularly updated


EYFS Children doing PSED with Jigsaw Jerrie Cat


Planning PSED with progression, age-appropriate content and sensitivity to safeguarding, not to mention ensuring statutory compliance, takes up a lot of time.

We believe skilled EYFS practitioner time is best spent working directly with children, so Jigsaw PSED provides a well-structured, fun, creative session-a-week programme for each year group.

Jigsaw is effective in Nurseries, Reception classes and across pre-school and child-care settings.

Jigsaw PSED 3-5 includes:

  • Weekly, fully-resourced session plans via the portal
  • Child-initiated and adult-led activities
  • Outdoor learning ideas
  • Mapping to the National EYFS Framework
  • Jigsaw Jenie to build confidence and encourage speech and emotional literacy
  • Jigsaw Jerrie Cat and the Jigsaw Chime to introduce and practise mindfulness
  • Original EYFS-friendly Jigsaw songs to reinforce learning messages and a sense of belonging
  • Puzzle launch assemblies to nurture the experience of community
  • Parent-access to the lesson plans


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How do you teach RE to very young children?

Jigsaw RE provides EYFS practitioners with age-appropriate RE sessions, laying the foundations for more explicit learning about religions and worldviews later.

We believe EYFS RE is about:


developing respect and empathy for self and others


starting to understand some of the concepts, knowledge and human experiences that are central to religions and worldviews


developing each child’s own spiritual awareness



Children learning with Jigsaw RE

Planning EYFS RE well with age-appropriate content and learning experiences, not to mention ensuring statutory compliance and adherence with your agreed syllabus, takes up a lot of time.

We believe skilled EYFS practitioner time is best spent working directly with children, so Jigsaw RE provides a well-structured, fun, creative session-a-week programme for each year group.

It is effective in Nursery and Reception classes, as well as in pre-school and child-care settings.


The Jigsaw RE Programme includes:

  • Weekly, fully-resourced session plans via the portal
  • Plenty of choice as to which religions and worldviews to focus on
  • Child-initiated and adult-led activities
  • Mapping to the National EYFS Framework and to locally agreed syllabi
  • The Owl Crew to build confidence and encourage questioning skills
  • Original assemblies to reinforce the learning for the whole school and nurture a sense of community


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Jigsaw Outdoors - Learning ABOUT nature IN nature and enhancing PSED

Knowing that connecting with nature and being outside promotes wellbeing, Jigsaw Outdoors offers you 6 lessons for each year group, specifically to be taught outdoors.

Jigsaw Outdoors is a stand-alone programme, but is also designed to enhance Jigsaw PSED, adding one fully-resourced lesson each half-term through the year.


12 beautifully-resourced lessons, six for F1 and six for F2


Mindful Movement (Calm Me) sessions


Original songs and body percussion


EYFS Children doing PSED with Jigsaw Jerrie Cat

Jigsaw Outdoors complements the Jigsaw PSED Programme, adding an outdoor lesson each half-term.

Session plans and resources are all printable for outdoor use.

Jigsaw Outdoors also works as a stand-alone programme.


  • Supports the National EYFS Framework ELGs
  • Aligned to Forest School approach
  • Child-initiated and adult-led activities
  • Works in all environments; you don’t need to be in the countryside
  • Wrap-around support for teachers and practitioners from the Jigsaw Team


Find out more about Jigsaw Outdoors Free Sample Materials

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Jigsaw Games

The lunchtime supervisors' best friend

Jigsaw Games aim to support lunch time supervisors, and children themselves, to encourage groups to play constructively together enjoying more traditional playground games. Some are re-imagined old games and some are new, dreamt up by the Jigsaw Team.

Play improves the cognitive, physical, social and emotional well-being of children and young people.

In addition, quality playtimes benefit children’s academic attainment and improve behaviour both in the playground and afterward in the classroom.

What's included?

  • 72 Games Cards, 12 on each of the 6 lanyards

  • Each lanyard has 6 games for younger children and 6 games for older children, aligned to the Jigsaw PSED theme for that half-term
  • Simple instructions

  • 3 short training videos (accessed on the Jigsaw Outdoors portal for schools who also have membership to the Jigsaw Outdoors Programme)


Constructive playtimes create more teaching time.



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Introducing the Jigsaw Families Programme

"There is no such thing as a perfect parent… we all do the best we can."

The Jigsaw Families Programme, led by trained facilitators, empowers parents to be the best they can be, to manage behaviour in a mindful and positive way, and to fully engage with their children and the learning and school experience.

Jigsaw Jonty Junior

Family Pairs (one parent and one child) attend the 6 sessions

Jigsaw Jonty Junior

Delivered through original stories (one set specifically designed for EYFS children)

Jigsaw Jonty Junior

Children are given their own Jonty Junior to help take the learning home



Different Families

Jigsaw Education Group aims to engage the whole school community, children, staff and families in a sense of belonging and engagement in the learning process.

The Jigsaw Families Programme offers a universal 6-session programme:

  • Facilitators enjoy the Jigsaw wrap-around support
  • Accessible to all parents through downloadable audio and visual files to share at home
  • Non-judgemental
  • Aligned to Jigsaw PSED with mindfulness through Calm Me time
  • Parent discussion time while children get creative
  • Builds lasting parent support networks
Jigsaw Families Session in action



Find out more about the Jigsaw Families Programme See Free Sample Materials


Jigsaw Jonty and Jonty Junior

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