Jigsaw Teaching Programmes for Primary Schools (Ages 5-11)

Jigsaw’s range of inspired teaching programmes focus on developing each child’s emotional literacy, social skills, well‑being and uniqueness through curriculum programmes for RE and PSHE (taught inside and outdoors), at the same time as enhancing the ‘whole‑school community’ ethos with assemblies, Games for lunchtimes and the Jigsaw Families Programme for supporting parents.

Jigsaw 3 11 Purple Strap (JEG)


Jigsaw PSHE (5-11)

The mindful approach to PSHE

Jigsaw, the mindful approach to PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education), systematically develops children’s inner worlds, empowering them as unique individuals enjoying positive relationships with self and others, and thereby becoming self-regulating effective learners with agency.

Jigsaw Jack (Ages 5+)

Meets all statutory Relationship and Health Education requirements and includes Sex Education

Jigsaw Jez

Builds the positive, inclusive and caring ethos of the school

Jigsaw Jem

Elevates educational outcomes by empowering children’s self-regulation, emotional literacy and self-belief

3.5m Children

Primary PSHE Children with Jigsaw Jaz


Designed as a whole-school approach (including assemblies, an integrated Resilience and Well-being Scale as a screening and measurement tool, and mindfulness development woven throughout), Jigsaw PSHE provides consistency and progression that gives teachers confidence to deliver high-quality, age-appropriate PSHE lessons equipping children to be healthy, happy and learn well.

What Schools Say:

"The impact of Jigsaw has been significant. Students report feeling more confident, resilient, and better equipped to manage their emotions and relationships. They also report feeling more connected to their peers and to the wider school community. Teachers report that students are more engaged and motivated in their learning, and that classroom relationships are stronger and more positive. Overall, Jigsaw has had a positive impact on both the wellbeing and academic outcomes of our children and has helped us build a cohesive and inclusive school community." 
- Yasmin Raja (PSHE Lead and Phase Leader, Downshall Primary School)

The Jigsaw PSHE 5-11 Programme includes:

  • 36+ online lesson plan slideshows for each year group complete with all teaching resources (continually updated)
  • A Jigsaw Friend, Jerrie Cat and a Chime for each year group to support pupils’ learning and create a safe learning environment
  • A Launch Assembly for each Puzzle (Unit) with original songs and music, all reinforcing learning messages
  • Teacher and Subject Lead preparation pages, Knowledge Organisers, Vocabulary lists
  • Mapping documents, editable sample policies etc for Subject Leaders and SLT
  • An integrated assessment process to easily track pupil progress
  • Online Training Library and ongoing CPD webinar schedule
  • The Jigsaw Resilience/well-being-building Toolkit
  • Parent Access

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Jigsaw RE Logo Purple Text


Jigsaw RE is a comprehensive Religious Education scheme of learning for ages 3-12.

Written by RE specialist teachers in the Jigsaw team and trialled by 100 schools, the weekly lesson plans include all the resources required to deliver exciting RE. An integral assessment process and accompanying assemblies make Jigsaw RE the first of its kind, and the vehicle to transform statutory RE in the primary school.

It adopts an enquiry-based approach to teaching and learning with much flexibility and choice of when to include which religion/worldview.


Abbey Owl

Enquiry approach

Sofia Owl

6 lessons with excellent resources for every enquiry

Huey Owl

Built-in assessment process



Primary child interacting in a lesson learning with JigsawRE

Jigsaw RE is structured into 4 age-phases:

  • EYFS: Nursery (ages 3-4) and Reception (ages 4-5)
  • Key Stage 1 (ages 5-7)
  • Lower Key Stage 2 (ages 7-9)
  • Upper Key Stage 2 (ages 9-11/12)

Key Stages 1 and 2 contain enquiries for all of the following worldviews:

  • Bahá’í
  • Buddhism
  • Christianity (which includes enquiries for every year group)
  • Humanism
  • Islam
  • Judaism
  • Sanatana Dharma (formerly referred to as Hinduism)
  • Sikhi (formerly referred to as Sikhism)


The Jigsaw RE Programme includes:

  • Weekly, fully-resourced lesson plans via the portal
  • Plenty of choice as to which religions and worldviews to focus on
  • Mapping to the National EYFS Framework and to locally agreed syllabi
  • The Owl Crew to build confidence and encourage questioning skills
  • Original assemblies to reinforce the learning for the whole school and nurture a sense of community
  • An integrated assessment process to easily track pupil progress
  • Online Training Library and ongoing CPD webinar schedule

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Jigsaw Outdoors Funlogo Outline


Jigsaw Outdoors - Learning ABOUT nature IN nature and enhancing PSHE

The Jigsaw Outdoors Programme provides high-quality, engaging outdoor learning experiences for all children, with a unique link to the PSHE curriculum. The programme can be used as a stand-alone set of 6 lessons for each year group, one for each half-term through the year.

Jigsaw Outdoors aims to connect or re-connect children with nature; to engender awe, wonder and respect for the environment; and to empower them to experiment, explore and enjoy enriching learning experiences outdoors.

Jigsaw Jack (Friend for Age 5+)

6 beautifully-resourced lessons per year group

Jigsaw Jino (Friend for Ages 7+)

Mindful Movement (Calm Me) sessions

Jigsaw Jaz (Friend for Ages 8+)

Original songs and body percussion


Primary KS1 children doing Mindful Movement in Jigsaw Outdoors


All Jigsaw Outdoors lessons offer ideas for everyone, regardless of your setting’s environment. You don’t need vast grounds, and the programme does not require staff to be experts in the outdoors.

Jigsaw Outdoors aligns to the Forest School philosophy but is not trying to be Forest School. It is more an extension to PSHE, taught outside.

It also complements the Jigsaw PSHE 3-11 programme by adding an additional 7th lesson for each half-term.


What is included in Jigsaw Outdoors?

  • 6 beautifully-resourced lessons for each year group
  • Mindful movement as well as Calm Me times
  • 6 original songs, 3 with body percussion and teaching videos
  • Teacher guidance and training videos (including x3 short training videos for Jigsaw Games)
  • Superb resources, all printable to take outside
  • Progression mapping
  • Non-classroom-based/extra-curricular experiences: for families, lunchtime staff, TAs, small groups, after-school clubs, one-to-one sessions


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Jigsaw Games Logo Outline


Jigsaw Games

The lunchtime supervisors' best friend

Jigsaw Games aim to support lunch time supervisors, and children themselves, to encourage groups to play constructively together enjoying more traditional playground games. Some are re-imagined old games and some are new, dreamt up by the Jigsaw Team.

Play improves the cognitive, physical, social and emotional well-being of children and young people.

In addition, quality playtimes benefit children’s academic attainment and improve behaviour both in the playground and afterward in the classroom.

What's included?

  • 72 Games Cards, 12 on each of the 6 lanyards

  • Each lanyard has 6 games for younger children and 6 games for older children, aligned to the Jigsaw PSHE theme for that half-term
  • Simple instructions

  • 3 short training videos (accessed on the Jigsaw Outdoors portal for schools who also have membership to the Jigsaw Outdoors Programme)


Constructive playtimes create more teaching time.



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Jigsaw Families Logo 2021 (1)


Introducing the Jigsaw Families Programme

"There is no such thing as a perfect parent… we all do the best we can."

The Jigsaw Families Programme, led by trained facilitators, empowers parents to be the best they can be, to manage behaviour in a mindful and positive way, and to fully engage with their children and the learning and school experience.

Jigsaw Jonty Junior

Family Pairs (one parent and one child) attend the 6 sessions

Jigsaw Jonty Junior

Delivered through original stories (x2 sets of stories for younger and older children)

Jigsaw Jonty Junior

Children are given their own Jonty Junior to help take the learning home



Different Families

Jigsaw Education Group aims to engage the whole school community, children, staff and families in a sense of belonging and engagement in the learning process.

The Jigsaw Families Programme offers a universal 6-session programme:

  • Facilitators enjoy the Jigsaw wrap-around support
  • Sessions focus on stories specific to either older or younger children
  • Accessible to parents via audio and visual files to share at home
  • Non-judgemental
  • Aligned to Jigsaw PSHE with mindfulness through Calm Me time
  • Parent discussion time while children get creative
  • Builds lasting parent support networks
Jigsaw Families Session in action



Find out more about the Jigsaw Families Programme See Free Sample Materials


Jigsaw Jonty and Jonty Junior

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