Our story

As an educator and therapist, Jan Lever MBE believes that children’s capacity to learn is in direct correlation with their mental health and emotional literacy, and that when wellbeing is constricted, this manifests in ways that hamper learning for them and those around them. “We need to do something about getting this as right as we can as early as we can. Children deserve this.”

From humble beginning to supporting 2.4 million children

Starting from her spare room in Dorset, Jan Lever MBE, has grown the Jigsaw Education Group into the most successful organisation in this sector, always with children and young people at the heart.

Her personal experience as an educator means she understands the pressures and strains of teaching, especially coping with changes in guidance and frameworks.  She also stands up for teachers’ dedication and commitment.

The Group comprises:

  • Jigsaw PSHE (ages 3-16)
  • Discovery RE

and works with over 7000 schools across the UK and internationally.

We are helping over 2.4 million children and counting…

  • Success Story from Parkgate House School – London

    Significant success with building emotional resilience, a growth mindset, developing respectful communication, and pupils’ ability to respond to pastoral situations.

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  • Jigsaw PSHE at Eynsham Community Primary School

    At Eynsham Community Primary School, the Jigsaw scheme was implemented in September 2018 as part of an overhaul of the curriculum and leadership team.

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  • Success Story from Windsor Clive Primary School – Cardiff

    Our school as a whole felt the need to inject some life into our Health & Well-being / PSHE curriculum and so, after a lot of research and an introduction meeting from Carol at Jigsaw, we were extremely excited to launch Jigsaw at our school at the start of last year.

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  • Success Story from International School – Breda, Netherlands

    Significant success with PSHE Curriculum Development, Calm Me, Being Me in My World, Celebrating Difference & Relationships

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