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Our Mission

We believe that all children deserve to grow up happy and healthy, with the life skills to understand themselves and the world around them and be prepared for the opportunities and challenges of adult life

As a result, the reason we exist and everything we do is about helping schools with the whole-child development of their students - by taking a whole-school approach to our programmes

The way we do that is by providing comprehensive PSHE and RE programmes and resources online for schools, with expert training and support so that teachers are prepared and confident to deliver these difficult to teach topics to their students. 

We are the market leader with a team of educators, subject experts and independent advisors developing and maintaining all our programmes, trusted by over 9,500 schools in the UK and internationally.

Jigsaw Education is built and maintained by a passionate group of individuals, each bringing a wealth of experience from around the world.

With over 200 years of combined experience, everyone at Jigsaw loves the impact they are making and are passionate about using their skills to create a better outcome for children, young people and educators.

All members of the Jigsaw Education team provide an impactful contribution to those around them, collaborating to ensure Jigsaw goes above and beyond.


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Embedded in ​9,500 schools​
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Connecting 55,000 teachers globally
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Saving teachers 250 hours per year​
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Positively impacting​ 3.5m children​
Jigsaw Education Group
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Child Centred
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School Wide
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Community Focused

Child Centred, School Wide, Community Focused​

At Jigsaw, the child is at the centre of everything we do. We strive to take a holistic approach to ensuring the emotional and psychological needs of the child are prioritised and met in the classroom, so they feel safe, supported, empowered and happy as they learn.

Our programmes help children learn the language, vocabulary and techniques to build their self-esteem, confidence and full emotional repertoire. We take a school wide approach, supporting teachers to create a learning environment that permeates all parts of school life, from the classroom to the corridors to the lunch hall to the playground. Jigsaw programmes provide a progressive and spiral curriculum, linked assemblies and songs, adult modelling, outdoor lessons, social games at lunchtime, understanding of different worldviews, leading ultimately to a set of shared values and behaviours that become the fabric of the way a school functions.

Families are children’s first teachers, and Jigsaw programmes enable schools to foster the collaboration and community partnerships that build a broader system of learning and development that reinforces positive experiences.

The Jigsaw approach - more than just a curriculum delivery model!

Jigsaw Education Group
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Spiritual​ - Exploring beliefs and values, religious or otherwise, to understand oneself, others, and our place in the world. ​
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Moral​ - Distinguishing right from wrong, developing personal values and a sense of conscience, and behaving ethically.​
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Social​ - Developing the skills and attitudes necessary to interact effectively with others, to contribute positively to modern society.​
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Cultural -​ Understanding, respecting, and celebrating diversity, including Britain’s national system and cultural heritage.​

Developing SMSC: PSHE and RE together!​

Our PSHE and RE programmes combine so well together! The ‘6-piece puzzle’ of PSHE and ‘coloured strands’ within RE are designed to ensure that the teaching and learning is progressive and enquiry based. This consistent model of delivery allows for creative and critical thinking, underpinned by mindfulness practice, to be the core of the child’s experience, while the spiral curriculum develops and deepens knowledge each year. The Jigsaw pieces are interlinked and woven together making them far more powerful and effective than discrete lessons delivered in isolation.

We recognise that delivering PSHE and RE lessons can be difficult and adds pressure on often non-specialist teachers. That is why all Jigsaw programmes are fully resourced with all the content, teacher notes and lesson plans, and class assessments required. Delivered via the Jigsaw Online Portal, we save teachers hundreds of hours in preparation time with the added reassurance and confidence you are compliant with all statutory guidelines or SACRE syllabi.

But that’s not all. With a dedicated Schools Support team, access to expert mentors, and regular webinars and training, we strive to make teaching PSHE and RE as enjoyable as it is to learn!

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