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Summer Assemblies now live: https://jigsawpshe.online/materials/jigsaw-re/whole-school/assemblies/

The Summer 1 Assemblies are based around the theme of how beliefs affects how we treat others, looking specifically at examples from Buddhism, Humanism and Judaism. The Summer 2 theme is Rites of Passage and Faith into action, looking at examples from Christianity, Judaism, Sanatana Dharma and Judaism. Don’t forget you can use the Church Schools Additions section to make each assembly an act of worship if required too.

New Bahá’í Units now live:

We are very pleased and excited to now have a new enquiry in each phase all about the Bahai Worldview. The Bahá’í Faith began in the 19th Century and stems from instructions given by Bahá’u’lláh (the Divine Messenger). The development of the Bahá’í Faith worldwide is today guided by the Universal House of Justice. In His book of laws, Bahá’u’lláh instructed the Universal House of Justice to exert a positive influence on the welfare of humankind, promote education, peace and global prosperity, and safeguard human honour and the position of religion. Within our new units, children will explore the key beliefs of the Bahá’í Faith, including the symbol of the 9 pointed star, and how these influence the way a Bahá’í lives their life. Children will reflect on ways they too might look after the earth, decide what foods to eat and help others, developing their own worldviews. We can’t wait to see these lessons in action and hearing your feedback about them.

Facebook RE Community: Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/3525630944415495/

Come and join our new RE Community page on Facebook! We hope this will provide a way for Jigsaw RE schools to easily share ideas and support each other in their RE teaching. Our RE Advisers will also be on hand to provide advice and support, so it’s a great place for staff to get further CPD. We will also be showcasing resources from the programme and offering ‘sneak peaks’ at new resources before they’re released on the portal.


Faith Stories within Jigsaw RE. This document maps out the different stories covered within each of our enquiries, making it easy for you to see where Faith Stories are being taught. You might wish to use this to highlight stories within assemblies, purchase new RE books or even create an RE reading list for children within your school. Let us know how you use it and how Faith Stories impact on your children's understanding and experience of different Worldviews. See here. 


We are delighted to have been working with author, Gill Vaisey, to show how her ‘Books at Press’ books and resources can be used alongside our Jigsaw RE enquiries. Gill has written three fantastic series of books for Primary RE:
•     ‘Puddles the Cat’ a series which explores Christianity,
•     ‘Traditional Muslim Stories’,
•     ‘Belonging and Believing’ a fantastic newer series which shares the lived experience of eight 5-year-olds from different worldviews.
These series are a fantastic resource, particularly for EYFS and KS1 classes.
Our new mapping document will help teachers to identify which book or section fits well with the brilliant Jigsaw RE enquiries. This can be found in our Articles section on the portal: https://jigsawpshe.online/materials/jigsaw-re/community-area/documents/articles/
To explore the Books at Press range go to: https://www.booksatpress.co.uk/

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