Jigsaw PSHE for 3-11 Schools

Saving 250 hours of teacher planning each year

Take control of your PSHE with high quality, fully planned and resourced lessons to significantly reduce teacher planning time.

Jigsaw PSHE is complemented by assemblies, songs, assessments and a library of additional resources, to create a powerful whole-school approach.

Jigsaw PSHE is accessed through the Jigsaw Online Portal, which now includes Parent Access so parents and caregivers can view the content being taught in the school classroom.

Ultimate confidence teaching PSHE

Designed as a comprehensive whole-child, school wide approach, rooted in mindfulness practice, Jigsaw PSHE established consistency across the school and giving staff the confidence to deliver high-quality lessons.

Not only does Jigsaw meet all statutory RSHE requirements, but it demonstrably develops educational outcomes alongside improving mental health and the safeguarding of all.

Jigsaw nurtures children to become confident and successful, increasing their capacity to learn and preparing them for the challenges of the modern world.

Developed by teachers and wellbeing experts, Jigsaw provides children with the opportunities to develop their emotional intelligence and life skills.

The Jigsaw 3-11 Whole School Set includes:

Over 300 online lesson plans, with downloadable resources
Integrated assessment process
Jigsaw Friend (support/distancing tool for PSHE delivery) plus a Jerrie Cat and a Jigsaw Chime for each year group
Original songs that embed and enhance the PSHE learning journey
Puzzle Launch Assemblies (for each half-term)
Optimise Training Library with CPD opportunities, live and recorded webinars and Jigsaw’s community area for extra support
Mapping documents that show the progression through the entire programme
Dedicated School Support and mentoring service

Innovative PSHE Education with 6 Puzzles

1. Being Me In My World

Self-Identity, group identity, responsibilities, consequences, teamwork and establishes the Jigsaw Charter.

2. Celebrating Difference

Similarity and difference, bullying and stereotyping, racism, discrimination, individuality.

3. Dreams and Goals

Aspirations, goals, challenges, teamwork, resilience, careers and simple budgeting.

4. Healthy Me

Healthy lifestyle choices, drugs and alcohol education, self-esteem and confidence.

5. Relationships

Friendship, family and other relationships, conflict resolution, communication, loss and bereavement.

6. Changing Me

Coping positively with change, puberty, environmental and life cycles (includes human reproduction).
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