Jigsaw PSHE for ages 11-16

Why Jigsaw 11-16?

Saving teachers 200 hours of planning per year

Take control of your PSHE and RSHE with fully planned and resourced lessons with Jigsaw Online.

11-16 Curriculum

  • all the outcomes in the DfE statutory Relationships, Sex and Health Education guidance (England 2019)
  • all the outcomes in the PSHE Association Programmes of Study (2020)
  • continually updated online content, in line with DfE requirements, and the needs of our young people.

Mapping grids showing where and how these outcomes are  built into each Puzzle and available from the Community Area, including a snapshot summary of the content of each Puzzle.

Further to this, Jigsaw has a strong safeguarding thread running throughout and a clear focus on positive mental health and respect for self. The mindfulness practice is a key aspect of this.


Ultimate confidence teaching PSHE

Designed as a whole-school approach, Jigsaw establishes consistency that gives all teachers confidence to deliver high-quality lessons.

Not only does Jigsaw meet all statutory RSHE requirements, but it also elevates educational outcomes with an emphasis on mental health and resilience.

Jigsaw shapes young people to be confident and successful, increasing their capacity to learn and preparing them for the challenges of the modern world.

Produced by leading PSHE and RSHE experts and advisors, teachers and young people, the programme provides young people with opportunities to develop their emotional intelligence and life skills and the ability to address socio-cultural and socio-economical challenges as global citizens.

Teaching and assessment materials to deliver the NCFE Levels 1 and 2 RSHE Awards.

The Whole School Set for ages 11-16 includes:

Secondary Character 2
A comprehensive Scheme of Work for Years 7-11 with a Summative Assessment workbook for every
Secondary Character 1
Detailed, flexible and adaptable weekly lesson plans with slideshows and downloadable resources
Secondary Character 6
Inclusive Relationship, Sex and Health Education
Secondary Character 4
Embedded mindfulness practice and philosophy throughout prepares students for learning
Secondary Character 5
Develops resilience, emotional literacy, social and employability skills
Secondary Character 3
Teaching and assessment materials to deliver the NCFE levels 1 and 2 RSHE Awards

Age-appropriate and engaging 11-16 PSHE education with 6 puzzles

1. Being Me In My World

Self-identity, consent, radicalization, peer pressure, equality, social media and culture.

2. Celebrating Difference

Celebrating individuality, bullying, social injustice, discrimination, LGBT+, hate crimes, sexism and stereotyping.

3. Dreams and Goals

Aspiration, ambition, overcoming challenges, qualifications and careers, finances, and long-term goals.

4. Healthy Me

Maintaining positive mental health, healthy lifestyle and managing risk, first aid, stress and anxiety.

5. Relationships

Relationship with self, understanding and managing relationships, consent, gender identity and sexuality.

6. Changing Me

Coping positively with change, including puberty, self-image, risk relationships and resilience.
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