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What is Jigsaw SEL? 

A social-emotional learning programme for ages 3-16 that integrates social skills, emotional literacy, resilience and adaptability into an easy-to-use lesson per week. 

Jigsaw’s social emotional learning curriculum maps to the IB, IPC and ENC.


Why Jigsaw? 

Jigsaw nurtures children and young people to cope with change and celebrate diversity while maintaining their individuality, teaching them to be confident and successful. Designed as a ‘whole-child, whole-school’ approach, Jigsaw’s spiral approach means progression is built into the sequence of lessons across the age range from 3 to 16, providing consistency and embedding learning.

Developed by teachers, pupils and well-being expert, the comprehensive lesson plans, notes and additional resources give teachers the confidence to deliver high-quality lessons that develop children’s social emotional skills, and prioritise their mental health and well-being alongside academic achievements. Jigsaw meets all statutory UK requirements, and maps to all the main international curricula including the IB, IPC and ENC, as well as being adaptable for local cultural differences.


What’s included in Jigsaw’s Social Emotional Programme:

  • 100s of online lesson plans complete with resources, interactive games, activities, songs and assemblies 



  • For ages 3-11, a physical Jigsaw Friend, Jerrie Cat and Chime for each year group 



  • Mindfulness practice and philosophy built in throughout 


  • For ages 11-16, a comprehensive scheme of work including relationships, health and sex education with a summative assessment workbook for every unit 


  • Comprehensive teacher preparation pages covering key aspects for each unit 


  • An integrated assessment process to easily track pupil progress 


  • Access to school support desk, expert mentors, online community area and training library, and termly CPD webinars 


  • Mapping documents for Subject Leaders and SLT, including to the IB, IPC and ENC curricula.


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