PSHE Teaching Programme for Secondary (Ages 11-16)

A comprehensive PSHE programme for secondary schools that is continually updated, integrating RSHE statutory requirements, mental health, mindfulness and personal development with building knowledge and life‑skills.

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Jigsaw PSHE (11-16)

The mindful approach to PSHE

Jigsaw 11-16 is a whole-school teaching and learning programme for both PSHE and RSHE that integrates a resilience-building toolkit and provides ongoing support and training for teachers, plus parent access.

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Meets all statutory RSHE (Relationships, Sex and Health Education) requirements

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Integrates mindfulness philosophy and practice to empower young people to understand their minds, to self-regulate, and to build positive relationships with self and others

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Significant contribution to personal development, SMSC, British Values, the Equality Duty, Safeguarding etc.

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