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Stepping Forward Together

Jigsaw Families is a cutting-edge programme, supporting children and their caregivers with the knowledge, skills and confidence to develop healthy, strong, lasting and loving relationships grounded in psychology and attachment theory.

A family programme like no other

Jigsaw Families provides an informal, friendly and safe environment to explore the challenges of being a parent and offers strategies to help meet families' needs while building a richer engagement with the school or community.

It is a series of six sessions led by trained and accredited Facilitators from existing school or 'setting' staff delivered to adult and child Family Pairs. Up to 10 Family Pairs can attend the six-week programme at a time, which can be run as many times in a calendar year as required.

Family Pairs participate in mindfulness practice known as Calm Me Time, which they learn through the Jigsaw Friends, Jonty and Jonty Junior.

Each session focuses on a key theme such as communication, managing change, belonging, positive behaviour etc. The issues to be discussed are raised through original child-friendly stories and short video clips.

Jigsaw Families is inclusive, enabling all parents regardless of background to participate fully benefit from the programme.


What our caregivers and teachers say about Jigsaw Families

Children feel safe, secure, valued and better equipped to manage their own emotions
Informal, friendly and safe space to explore the challenges of parenting
Better communication and engagement with their parents & carers
Adds to parenting knowledge and skills while building a stronger relationship with their child
Improved relationships between parents & carers
Strengthens understanding, co-operation and trust between parent or carer and child
Increased self-worth, resilience and enhanced learning capacity
Friendly support with other parents in the same group
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